How to create an account:

Step 1:

Install and open the Glofox app on your mobile device. Search "Upper 90 Soccer Center."

Step 2:

Once selected, create a profile for access to memberships, events, and more.

Step 3:

Congratulations! You are now part of the Upper 90 Soccer Center community.

How to book a class:


Step 1:

Open the Glofox app on your mobile device. Select "Classes" on the home page.


Step 2:

Choose the date of the class you want to book. Then choose the session on that date.


Step 3:

Select "Book" at the bottom of the screen to pay for the class.*

*Only applicable if you do not have a membership or existing credits.


Step 4:

Pay by scanning your card in the app . . .


Step 5:

. . . or by manually entering your card information.


Step 6:

Congratulations! You are now booked into a class at Upper 90 Soccer Center.